Dear Short-Mat Bowlers,

It is with great sadness that JJ Mat Bowling is permanently closed. We are deeply  grateful for your support and enthusiasm, for every tournament you participated in, for every practice time, for making the Wednesday league a success beyond our dreams, for your ideas, your advice, your friendship and mostly for sharing the love of this sport with us. 

We are thankful to the Church on the Queensway for providing us with their gym, for their assistance in many different ways and to the Haven on Queensway for their support and for being our charity of choice. Many of you have contributed in many different ways to help the Haven and they are thankful for it.

We are honoured to have spent the past four years at JJ Mat Bowling, many of you have seen their mat- and lawn bowling-game improved, many of you have played short mat for the first time and have adopted it and all of you have become our friends. 

Thanks again and please stay safe!

See you soon,

Patrick and Johanne